Thumb Area Psychological Services

In-School Therapy Services

Juggling raising a family, work, appointments, events, sporting events, etc... can leave little room to access mental health services for your children.  We make it easy at TAPS.  Can't come to us?  We will come to your child in school.

How it works

In - School

We understand barriers that are unique to rural communities.  Transportation, lack of resources and distance can provide a challenge for families seeking services for their children.  Look no further than Thumb Area Psychological Services.  

At participating schools, TAPS provides in- school therapy services.  We provided a HIPAA compliant, private location within the school setting for one-on-one therapy.  Our trained mental health specialists are working hard to meet the needs of our community.

Want to know if your school is participating in this services?  Call us at (989) 872-1800 or ask your child's school counselor/social worker.

If you are a school administrator and are interested in this services, call Kathy Mroz at (989) 872-1800.