TeleHealth Services at TAPS

TeleHealth Services are offered through a third-party secure, HIPAA compliant software that allows our service providers to work with their clients and their families by technology.  Our clients can find it hard at times to access our location due to the weather, hectic schedule or mental health stressors.  In order to meet the needs of our clients, we have started utilizing to continue services without our clients leaving their homes.

Our TeleHealth services are offered through select clinicians and service providers.  If you are interested in accessing this services, ask your clinician or services provider about it today!  You will be given comprehensive instructions to access our worry-free, easy to use software.

UPDATE: Due to the recent Coronavirus outbreak and Executive Orders from the State of Michigan, many of our clients have inquired about our TeleHealth services.  If you are interested in TeleHealth services at this time, please call us at (989) 872-1800 and we will coordinate your appointment time with your mental health provider.  We will also email you a comprehensive guide to use our TeleHealth services.  

Since is HIPAA compliant and our providers will be on-site at our TAPS facility in Cass City, we ask that you maintain HIPAA security during your call.  We ask that you wear headphones, if possible, and be sure to initiate the TeleHealth "call" in a secure, private location.



Please download for our user-friendly, client guide.